Banbury B 0-4 Leamington B

2 October 2012

Leamington have claimed a rare 4 board whitewash in Banbury. The result is all the more surprising as the average grades of the two teams was identical.


  • Martin, Nick (144) 0 – 1 Graff, Ben (143)
  • Waddell, Mal (140) 0 – 1 Darling, Tom (135)
  • Vikanis, Egils (136) 0 – 1 Hodgkins, David W (135)
  • Rowan, Daniel (127) 0 – 1 Collins, Andy (134)


Andy set the ball rolling with a comfortable win on board 4, then Tom edged a wild Albin Counter Gambit to make it 2-0. Ben, who had looked in trouble the exchange down, turned it around with both players short on time, his opponent’s clock running out shortly after a blunder. The points were safe, but David, who had no trouble after winning the exchange, made Leamington’s evening even better: 0-4!

This is Tom’s win, featuring a mix of blunders and enterprising attacking play from both sides …

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