Club KO Draw


With our venue sorted out for the time being, we can finally concentrate on the Club KO. It’s up to players whether you’d like to play at the Oak House Club and put up with the noise (I’ve found that it’s not so bad in the bar), or maybe try and play matches in the Church Hall when we have it booked for a match.

Tom vs Peter
Andy vs Omar
Ben vs Alex
Rob G vs Friso

All matches use the new league time controls of 90 minutes for the whole match. For tiebreakers, reverse colours and play ungraded 30 mins games.


Club Tournaments

At Leamington Chess Club, we have a number of club tournaments that all members are welcome to participate in. All of our events allow members to enjoy playing each other in a friendly atmosphere and the range of competitions is such that there should be something for everybody.

The Club Knock Out event commences in September and runs through the course of the season. All those who lose in the first round of the club knock out are eligible to play in the Knock Out Plate Competition, the first round of which runs in parallel to the second round of the club knock out. This guarantees our members at least two games in our main competitions each season. Games in both these events are sent for grading.

In addition, we run an All-Play-All competition, that anybody joining at any point in the year is welcome to enter. Players play two games against each other at a time limit of 30 minutes each. The winner is the person with the most points by the close of play on the Tuesday before our AGM in April. There is also an U125 Plate for players whose grade at the start of the season qualifies them. Games in this competition are now also sent for grading.

The Club Championship is decided by a match between the winner of the All-Play-All event and the winner of the knock out competition.

The George Boots Memorial Shield is given to the player who overcomes the largest grading gap to win a game at standard time controls, in any competition in the Leamington and district League.

In addition to these events, we hold a handicapped rapidplay tournament, just before Christmas each year. We are always open to other ideas that members may have for further events. Please let Ben Graff or Steve Burnell know if there is an event you would like to see.

Past Winners

Club Champions

2001 George Boots
2002 Nick Waterman
2003 Nick Waterman
2004 Peter Leggett
2005 Guy Greenland
2006 Steve Burnell
2007 Dan Aldridge
2008 Steve Burnell
2009 Andy Price
2010 Dan Aldridge
2011 Steve Burnell
2012 Adrian Walker
2013 Tom Darling
2014 Tom Darling
2015 Tom Darling
2016 Tom Darling
2017 Tom Darling
2018 Andy Collins

Club Knockout Cup

1990 Roy Hadfield
1991 Andy Price & R. Gill
1993 Andy Price
1997 Andy Price
1998 R. Gill
2000 Andy Price
2001 C. Abrahams & David Hodgkins
2002 David Hodgkins
2003 Jason Madden
2004 Steve Burnell
2005 Steve Burnell
2006 Steve Burnell
2007 Dan Aldridge
2008 Jason Madden
2009 Andy Price
2010 Dan Aldridge
2011 Dan Aldridge
2012 Andy Price
2013 Dan Aldridge
2014 Tom Darling
2015 Ben Graff
2016 Tom Darling
2017 Ben Egid
2018 Andy Collins

Club Knockout Plate

2012 Andy Collins
2013 Oladejo Olaleye
2014 Ben Graff
2015 Andy Collins
2016 Oladejo Olaleye
2017 Rob Mantell
2018 Rob Mantell

Rapidplay All-Play-All

2003 Roland Spracklen
2004 Jason Madden & Roland Spracklen
2005 Jason Madden
2006 Steve Burnell
2007 Steve Burnell
2008 Steve Burnell
2009 Jason Madden
2010 Steve Burnell
2011 Steve Burnell
2012 Adrian Walker
2013 Tom Darling
2014 Tom Darling
2015 Tom Darling
2016 Tom Darling
2017 Tom Darling
2018 Tom Darling

All-Play-All U125 Plate

2012 Roy Hadfield
2013 Peter Leggett
2014 Jason Madden
2015 Jason Madden
2016 Rob Mantell
2017 Rob Mantell

George Boots Memorial Shield

2003 Phil James
2004 Roland Spracklen
2005 Roland Spracklen
2006 Jason Madden
2007 David Hodgkins
2008 Owen Clarke
2009 Jason Madden
2010 Owen Clarke
2011 Mark Armitage
2012 Andy Price
2013 Andy Collins
2014 Ben Graff
2015 Peter Leggett
2016 Peter Leggett
2017 Peter Leggett
2018 Richard Lorch

Christmas Handicapped Rapidplay

2012 Owen Clarke
2013 Ben Graff
2014 Andy Collins
2015 Oladejo Olaleye
2016 Andy Collins


Leamington Chess Club have a spacious and comfortable room at the Oak House Liberal Club, 87 Upper Holly Walk, Leamington Spa, CV32 4JS.

We play socially every Tuesday, year round, starting at 7.30pm.

If you a member of a visiting team playing a match against one of our teams, that will be at our match venue: Trinity Church Hall, Trinity Street, Leamington, CV32 5GY. The Hall stands directly behind Trinity Church, and is accessible from the stretch of Trinity Street
that runs between Binswood Street and Beauchamp Road.

Newcomers of all ages and all levels of playing ability are always welcome. If you would like to visit us, or if you would like more information, please get in touch with one of the following:

Rob Gill (Chairman) 02476 220813
Tom Darling (Secretary / Treasurer) 01926 314946
Or email